Say Yes To Less 1st Workshop : Takes on Jakarta’s Food Waste Problem

The initiative invites culinary businesses to collaborate in solving Jakarta’s never-ending waste problem and pursuing a circular economy.

Experts and stakeholders from the culinary industry convened at the very first Say Yes to Less workshop this June at Gowork Fx Sudirman, Jakarta. The workshop was a sharing session and meeting point to build a partnership between stakeholders to create significant momentum against waste.

The workshop addressed the issue of food as the biggest waste contributor with 54 per cent out of 7.400 tonnes of garbage distributed daily to Bantar Gebang landfill. Say Yes to Less is a program dedicated to restaurants willing to reduce their impact on the environment by segregating waste, reducing food waste and use eco-friendly appliances. As part of the 2019 Jakarta Best Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Awards (BRBCA) campaign this year, Say Yes to Less will recognise culinary businesses with excellent waste management policy.

Alistair Speirs, founder of NOW! Jakarta and MVB Indonesia stated that people have to change their perception on waste especially in the scale of industry. The culinary business needs to redefine their waste policy, especially since the sector is a prime contributor of waste. “That’s why we bring different parties together to get the full picture of food waste problem, hoping that people will connect with each other and build an alliance to make a significant change and see how culinary industry could contribute to waste reduction,” Speirs remarked at the event. 

Rahmawati, Chief of Waste Management Environmental Agency Jakarta Provincial Government stated that the commercial sector contributes 29 per cent of Jakarta’s waste. The recent city government programme, Jakarta Less Waste Building and Restaurant Initiative are not penetrating as well since the problem of industry waste is not considered a popular issue in the commercial sector. “There are around 8,769 cafes and restaurants in Jakarta but it’s really hard to ask them to join the initiative even to achieve hundreds of participants. We know that the government can’t solve this horrendous waste problem in Jakarta alone. We have to work together,” Rahmawati said.

“Many people still think waste is unused. As long as people pay the retribution fee, their problem with waste is done. We can’t wait until TPST Bantar Gebang couldn’t accommodate our waste as the landfill is full by 2021,” Rahmawati added. 

Meanwhile, Esti Puji Lestari, President Director of Y Waste Indonesia; Alif Megantara, Brand Activation Executive of AVANI; and Bijaksana Junerosano, Founder of Waste4Change and Rahmawati, Chief of Waste Management Environmental Agency Jakarta Provincial Government shared their knowledge concerning food rescue, eco-friendly products and waste management.

Say Yes to Less will be holding the second workshop on 29 August, open for culinary businesses interested in saving the environment.

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